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Media Advocacy

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Media Advocacy workshop which took place in Janjgir was as part of the efforts to build the capacity of project staff and to highlight the role of the media. The process of the workshop employed the services of internal facilitator which comprised of President of KALP Samaj Sevi Sanstha and the program manager and PACS state office team who made the various session of workshop interesting, inter active educative and participatory. 

This is a process report on the development of Media advocacy strategy organized by KALP Samaj Sevi Sanstha and its networking partners. The report consists of an executive summary which gives an insight of the project and role of the media in advocacy for was for the further
improvement of the project.

Purpose of the Meeting:

  • To develop effective and vibrant media advocacy strategy that can enhance for the steps to be taken for the improvement in NMREGA implemented scheme.
  • Advocacy on the discrimination under MNRAGA in working area of project in Chhattisgarh respectively.

The President of KALP Samaj Sevi Sanstha presented the activities of the organization and its long way and contribution towards social welfare activity, he went back to their activities which yielded positive result in achieving the objectives of the project. He thanked the media persons for their support to them. The workshop was enriched with brain storming session and discussions. The session was highly interactive and participatory to enhance learning, experience and to strengthen partnership with media for the cause of better implementation of the scheme and for the detection of the case of discrimination. During the cross discussion participants were able to discuss case study experience, reflecting real situations of the scheme in their different environment, possible causes of such situations and interventions that could have averted such event. In addition participants discussed the challenges and problems they face with the system and articulated the critical issues they would passionately address among their various groups.


  • The media can be the most efficient way to communicate with the largest audience possible in the least amount of time.
  • Media advocacy is an important tool for policy change for issues being advocated for.
  • There is need for collective relation with media, NGOs and the government officials.
  • Partnership with the media is very important.

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