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Through this initiative we seek to increase awareness that domestic violence is a crime for which there are laws and resources. We also aim to ensure that domestic violence in all its manifestations is more commonly understood by all members of society. The beginning of each yearly campaign is usually planned to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November. To raise awareness about the impacts of violence in our communities, To empower women and girls through economic literacy and education about healthy relationships are some of the objectives behind these campaign. Another main aim of the awareness-raising measures is to make the helpline known and to encourage victims to seek help.

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This Abhiyan was under taken to spread awareness about the salient feature of “Rashtriya Kaam Mango Abhiyan” a pilot project being run by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. It was significant to note that lack of people’s awareness for demanding work, administrations inability to capture demand effectively, also lack of communities collective strength and many more other reasons have declined in people demanding work under NREGA.

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