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It is difficult to talk about KALP without the mention of the Mr. Basant Yadaw founder of KALP. Who has been a virtual backbone to the organization and still holds that in good stead. In early 1990s there was a group of rural youths in and around Sheorinarayan and Pamgarh. These youngsters were very much concerned about the people around, their living conditions, the poverty situation and who wanted to make some serious social contribution. AT very young age Mr. Yadaw got upset to see the disparities that exist between privileged and underprivileged people and felt that some sort of intervention is required he did something about it, in his case the action started at young age. Hence several rounds of informal meetings were held at different places. At the same time all of them were working within their limited capacity in order to enable the marginalised people and also to see that the excluded groups are benefited.

These qualities of resourcefulness and determination were to come in handy in 1995 when this group become more active and felt the deed to work in a better and organised manner. Under the guidance and the strong leadership of Mr. Basant Yadav has help Kalp Samaj Sevi Sanstha to evolve. It was formally registered under the M.P. Societies Registration Act in 1997. Although the early difficult years, it was Mr. Yadaw’s passion and vision that drove KALP. He firmly believes that each of us, in our own way can bring a change, and when all of us are moved the impact will be lasting change for the best.

Since then it has been constantly active at various developmental areas:

  • Health Care
  • Women Empowerment
  • Livelihood Security
  • Tribal Development
  • Education
  • Environment 



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